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BBNaija: Ebuka explains why Tacha was disqualified (Video)

Big Brother, BBNaija host, Ebuka, opened up on Tacha’s disqualification from the reality show “pepper dem”.

Remember that Tacha was disqualified after a violence broke out between her and her rival, Mercy, on Friday 27 September.

Her disqualification spaekd uproars throwing so man gifts at her.

But talking about the disqualification of Tacha, Ebuka, in an interview with Beat FM, claimed that she was destined to be disqualified, even before she tug Mercy’s hair.

According to him, when Tacha pushed and pushed Mercy, his disqualification had already been made.

He said, ”When Tacha shoved and shoved Mercy, I think that was when it was done, even before the hair-pulling.

” I am talking about the fight that started at the kitchen. Big Brother had called them to the kitchen to simmer down the situation, but the fight got even worse.

”So way before the hair was pulled, there was already contact. With violence like that, it is hard to say, because Big Brother is very clear on that. You don’t put your hands on someone. If you allow a shove and push, tomorrow it becomes a punch.”

When asked why Mercy was not disqualified, Ebuka said, ”I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t make these decisions. But what Mercy did was flip her hair, which you could see was contact, but there are other sides to it.

”Like was it intentional? I don’t know. Was it physically going to harm her? I don’t know either.

”I don’t know what the reason was for not disqualifying Mercy as well but she got two strikes. I guess that’s what they felt the weight of what she did carried.”