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Chinko Ekun Biography: Net Worth, Songs, Age, House, and Cars

Stage Name: Chinko Ekun

Real Name: Oladipo Olamide Emmanuel

Date of Birth: Born on 13th, September 1993

Birth Place: Ikare, Akoko

Age: 25 years old (2019)

State of origin: Ondo State

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation:Indigenous Rapper

Genre: Hip-pop

Net Worth: $75,000 dollars.

Chinko Ekun Biography

Chinko Ekun’s biography is what we will see now in this article and will reveal everything you did not know about the Nigerian musician, the singer and the rapper. It will reveal all the details of your juices, including full name, age, date of birth, state of origin, career start, music genre, record label and university.

Oladipo Olamide Emmanuel, better known as Chinko ekun (stage name), is a Nigerian singer artist, rapper and writer YBNL reaching the spotlight after signing under the label YBNL, whose director is Olamide Adedeji. The rap star YBNL was born and illuminated in Ikotun, in the state of Lagos. His mother received him in this world on September 13, 1993 in the state of Lagos. He began his musical career professionally in 2011 after attracting the attention of YBNL Nation Boss, Olamide, who later hired him.

The rapper YBNL comes from Ikare, Akoko, state of Ondo, but was born and raised in Ikotun, in the state of Lagos. Chinko Ekun graduated from the University of Ife and decided to devote himself to professional and full-time music.

When he signed with the YBNL record, his first single was “ALEJO ORAN” and “EMI NA RE”, which he published simultaneously. As the next rapper, he participated in 3 different songs on the OT album on Olamide’s Street, while he appeared on OLIC (Olamide Live In Convert) 2014.

In a recent conversation with the rapper, they asked why he was called Chinko ekun, he said: “Chinko” came on the scene because I was told that I looked Chinese during my graduation days at the University of Ife and “ekun”. Because it’s the name of my first official track.

One of the highlights of his career was when he performed a fantastic performance in Olic2 (Olamide Live In Concert 2) which took place at Eko Hotel, along with other talented artists. He made us believe he is not kidding and that he is here for real business. Of all the indications, Chinko Ekun is very good at creating free styles and has done many free styles, even his Boss Olamide admires him for that gift.

We hope that this young action continues to win while his talent continues to speak for him in the entertainment industry. Chinko Ekun has worked with many important names in the game, including Olamide, Viktoh, Lil Kesh, Reminisce, Falz The Badt Guy, Dremo and many of them.


Career in Music

Chinko Ekun is an indigenous rapper. His musical style is a mixture of Yoruba and hip hop flavor. His passion for music starts at the age of 7. Chinko Ekun started making music while in high school, but he was still very unknown. He started his musical career correctly in 2011.

Ekun was his first official track. After making some waves, he caught Olamide’s attention. After listening to one of his songs, Olamide Badoo signed it with his label YBNL Nation. Chinko Ekun performed at the live concert of Olamide (OLIC) 2014.

He also appeared in three songs on the Olamide album, entitled “Street OT”. His first releases under YBNL Nation include “Alejo Oran” and “Emi Na Re”. He left the YBNL Nation at the end of his contract.

Chinko Ekun Age

How old is Chinko Ekun? Chinko Ekun was Born on 13th, September 1993, currently 25yr old as at 2019

Chinko Ekun Education

Which School did Chinko Ekun attended? Chinko Ekun study law in Obafemi Awolowo

Chinko Ekun Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Chinko Ekun has an estimated net worth of $130,000 US Dollar, according to several sources,

Chinko Ekun Net Worth in naira

Chinko Ekun net worth in naira is Calculated to be #180,000,000.00million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($130,000 * 360 = 46,800,000.00)

About Chinko Ekun parent

Chinko Ekun Parent are yet to be known to the public, we will keep you updated as soon as we get latest update about his parent


Chinko Ekun House

Image result for chinko ekun house cars

Chinko Ekun Cars


Chinko Ekun songs


  – Able God ft. Lil Kesh & Zlatan

 – Emi Na Re

  – Ekun (YBNL Newest Boy)
 – Bless Me
 – “Able God” f. Lil Kesh & Zlatan
 – Daz How Star Do
 – Mikel Jasin ft. Crowd Controller
 – End Police Brutality
 – Fvck You (Kizz Daniel Cover)
 – Samena ft. Peruzzi
 – Able God (Edm Remix) ft Sigag Lauren
 – “Able God” f. Lil Kesh & Zlatan
 – Able God ft. Lil Kesh & Zlatan
– Switch it up ft Oladips x Walinteen Pro
 – Bad Energy (Stay Far Away)
 – Kiki (Freestyle)
 – God Save Us (Freestyle)
 – Not Afraid
 – Not Afraid (Freestyle)
 – Yaso
 – Oro (Talk)
 – Bodija ft. Reminisce
– Wa Lo Da
– Say No To Slavery #SNTS (Freestyle)



Will Chinko Ekun Go Down As A One Hit Wonder?

Oladipo Olamide Emmanuel, popularly known as Chinko Ekun, is one of the emerging stars of the music industry. Armed with a large number of exits from his graduation days at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), the law graduate fought tirelessly to earn mentions as success creator in the history of modern music in Nigeria.

For those who know the art of rapping, one thing that comes to mind easily is their ability to impress with flows out of the top. His freestyle ability is commendable and indeed, this is what caught the attention of the boss YBNL, Olamide, who later offered him a record deal for 2015 ….

After signing with the YBNL label, he published several singles, including Alejo Oran and Emi Na Re. Although the latter enjoyed a fair degree of appreciation, the reception in general was disappointing. Chinko later left the label and released a single follow-up, Jen Le Yo, which was released at an even colder reception.

The rapper had actually landed in a position where fans and the consumer public began to question its relevance. Relentless, Chinko released a simple full of stars, Shayo with Falz and Dremo. The single mentioned was followed by an appropriate video and an announcement of his new contract with the label, Dek Niyor Entertainment.

Falz’s single, Shayo has become a random success, but later versions have not reached the point. It seemed that the rapper had returned to plunge into his final success, Able God, who introduced his former tag partner, Lil Kesh and the act of escape, Zlatan Ibile.

The spirit disc rang out. He adapted to his request and, by extension, captured the desire of ordinary people. “My God, take your blessings, we want this money …” The message transcended the ears to the hearts and the instruments were contagious enough to make us dance any frustration. Able God became one of the greatest songs of 2018. It was a card at the top, a street hymn and a national anthem, so to speak.

The festive season of the previous year saw him reach an overwhelming level of concerts and the chance to perform with Wizkid at the year-end Starboy concert. God willing was a blessing, not just for Ekun. The new guy in the block, Picazo Rhap, who recently got a record deal with YBNL, was discovered by virtue of his impressive freestyle for the instrumental of that song. God Capable is undoubtedly Chinko Ekun’s masterpiece.

Seven months have passed since the rapper left the Able God and, similarly, Ekun has yet another success. As a follow-up to the success, Chinko released a new single featuring Peruzzi, called Samena. Although solid, Samena cannot exercise as much weight as the first. The launch of Samena, which is now one month old, was followed by a series of amplification runs. The new single has a good deal of stellar power, since Peruzzi is signed by DMW, and is equally fresh in an impressive race.

In truth, the Able God records are hard to beat, but it is hoped that with the release of Samena and later versions, the rapper will be able to bypass the one-hit-wonder tag, maintain overall visibility and possibly trigger another career.


 Chinko Ekun Blasts People Saying He Supports Internet Scam

Related image

The former artist YBNL; Chinko Ekun downplayed people’s beliefs that his hit song in 2018; “Able God” was sung to encourage Internet scammers (the Yahoo guys) to continue their damn criminal jobs.

I would remember last week as one of the most controversial weeks that has been experienced in the Nigerian music industry, such as Simi, Naira Marley and their grip on Internet fraud scrambled on social networks.

Naira Marley has declared that “Yahoo yahoo” is not a crime and, instead, it is a reward for the sufferings that our ancestors lived during the era of the slave trade, centuries ago. After the declaration, people punished Naira Marley, as well as those who support “yahoo yahoo”, in which many people believe that Chinko Ekun is part of it.

However, Sunday Scoop approached the rapper to give his opinion on what was believed and revealed that everyone has a right to his thoughts, but one thing he knows for sure is that his song “Able God” was sung for people with financial difficulties, to encourage them and keep a smile on their faces when they hear the song.

He said,


“I really don’t have anything to say about that issue. It is really something that doesn’t concern me and I wouldn’t want to get involved in that.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinions. I know why I recorded the song, Able God. It is a song meant to inspire people who are broke, and whenever they hear the song, they are always happy. It is just a normal song that came to me naturally. People can always interpret it their own ways and I don’t have any power over that. I don’t sing to support bad behaviour, and I am not concerned about what anybody says.”


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