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EFCC arrests 105 cyber crime fraudsters in Port Harcourt zone

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, said it had carried out 105 arrests and 32 convictions in the case of cybercrime in the Port Harcourt region.

The head of the EFCC area of Port Harcourt, Abdulrasheed Bawa, announced the news by informing the journalists of the arrest of two suspects in the FBI list, Ogbonna Atuokari in Port Harcourt and Chidi Egbeonu in Owerri.

Bawa said that in addition to the arrest, 41 people are accused, while another sixty-three cases are still under investigation.

The EFCC area chief also revealed that he had obtained 149 sentences between January and August this year in cases related to the theft of crude oil.

According to Bawa, “The Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office of the EFCC is working seriously on 13 different cases of cyber crimes in collaboration with the FBI. Among the cases are those of recently arrested duo of Ogbonnah Atoukarito, formerly based in Lo don and Alpha Chidi Egbeonu, formerly based in Japan.

“The suspects were separately arrested in Port Harcourt, Rivers state and Owerri, Imo state. Atoukaritou is a leader of a loose syndicate of fraudsters engaged in Business Email Compromise, BEC while the other suspected, Alpha Chidi Egbeonu, is suspected to be involved in defrauding IS-based victims and other yet to be identified victims through buying and selling of goods online.

“Generally, the Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office is peculiar on the investigation of crude oil theft and illegal dealing on oil-related products. The last 8 months have been months of intensive and extensive investigations and prosecution of oil related and several internet related cases which the zone has recorded 149 convictions, made N268,934,375.75; $2,012,568.00 and £15,000.00 recoveries and have 162 cases in court.”

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Abdulrasheed Bawa added that the arrests and convictions of persons involved in financial crimes within the Port Harcourt Zone was made possible with the collaborative efforts of other agencies.