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‘I am not in a hurry to go to Heaven’ – Bishop Oyedepo

The presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church in the world, David Oyedepo, said on Sunday that he is in no hurry to go to heaven and that he will live for more than 100 years on earth.

Oyedepo, in his sermon, said that there were people in the morning service who testified in the church at 100 and some at 120.

He said that witches and the magician could be angry, but that many members of his church and he would be here for a long time.

There are people, I’m watching this morning, they’ll testify here at 100. There are people who will testify here at 120. I’ve been here a long time. I’ve been here a long time.

“I’m not hurrying to go to Heaven, I am going to be there forever, so there’s no point hurrying to get there. You’re here for long!

“Let every witch and wizard be angry: You’re here for long. It’s a verdict of Heaven! You’re here for long! You will see your children’s children to the 4th generation,” he said.

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