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Let’s unite to win Bayelsa – Chieftain to APC aspirants

An unswerving of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state of Bayelsa, the Ebiki gift leader, urged the weekend to other candidates who participated in the government primaries just ended to renounce their complaints in the interest of the party.

Ebiki, who spoke in Yenagoa, said that in each race a winner has to present himself and ask the main candidates to support the winner of the primary played in Bayelsa, the chief David Lyon.

Some prominent candidates, such as the former deputy minister of agriculture, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri and a founding member of the party, Preye Aganaba, complained that the primaries that produced Lyon were full of irregularities.

But Ebiki insisted that the process that led to the birth of Lyon was free, fair, transparent and credible and appealed to people who were not happy with the internal survey, so that the part was the first of their complaints when considering the general objective of winning the state.

Ebiki praised APC members in the state for choosing an oil magnate and a businessman, Lyon, to beat the APC flag in the November 16 elections.

He said that thousands of APC members lined up to line up behind Lyon in an orderly and peaceful manner, describing Bayesa’s direct primaries as credible and transparent.

Thanking the people for their trust in Lyon’s candidacy, Ebiki assured them that the APC candidate symbolizes prosperity, development and job creation.

He congratulated Lyon for becoming the favorite candidate of the APC and said he deserved the fine for showing love for people, loyalty, commitment and a strong character in business and politics.

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Ebiki praised the electoral committee headed by the governor of the state of Yobe Mai-Mala Buni for having created what he described as the most beautiful and transparent primaries in the state.

He invited other candidates to acknowledge the defeat, congratulate the winner and work collectively with the party to win Bayelsa in the next poll.

He insisted that there was no winner or winner, as Lyon’s victory was everyone’s victory, especially the APC.

Ebiki noted that Lyon was prepared for governance, having demonstrated abilities in her private affairs and her love for Bayelsa, especially for the oppressed.

He said: “Though there is no perfect system, the primary election that threw up Chief David Lyon as the candidate of the APC in Bayelsa State met all requirements and guidelines of the party and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“It was a direct primary. We all travelled to our wards to vote. I was in my ward too.

“Voting was done through Option A4 and at the end Chief David Lyon was declared the winner by the committee. It is pertinent to state that the internal affair has come and gone.

“All the aspirants should show love to the party by uniting to support the winner because our general interest is to win and bring development to Bayelsa.

“We need to work together to ensure that our candidate win the election in Bayelsa. No matter how genuine you think your grievances are, pursuing them now will be at the detriment of the APC and not the candidate”.