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Mohammed Kabir reveals why Buhari should handover to Igbo man

A former Chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC, Alhaji Mohammed Kabir, said that in 2033 Igbo should be able to govern Nigeria.

Kabir, former national chairman of the late Republican Party of Nigeria, RPN, told Igbo, regardless of their problems; their perceived profiles; conceptions about them should be allowed to govern because they have suffered.

The former president of the democratic Alliance of advanced peoples, APDA, said that (the Igbo) learned very difficult lessons, calmed down and accepted their fate in some way and agreed to continue this journey.

“I think the Igbo, no matter their problems, no matter their perceived profiles, no matter the conceptions about them, or what you think of them, we should allow them to rule, because they have suffered,” he told Sun.

“The Igbo have suffered in this country. They have learnt very difficult lessons and I believe they have mellowed down and accepted their fate somehow and have agreed to continue in this journey.

“I think this time around, we should allow them. If we allow them and see that they have not changed; that the same things people think about them have not changed, we can use the same ballot box to remove them and bring people that cannot alter our unity.

“They are Nigerians and we should give them that chance. They are the only ones who have not tasted power in the country and we have not seen what they can do and what they cannot do.

“So, we should just allow them to rule. They are Nigerians just like the rest of us. They have the political and birth rights to vote and be voted for and to participate in every political process, so that there will be equity and justice.

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“Many people may have complained about them, but we should not allow it to be eternal. We should allow them to assume political power so that we can arrive at a long lasting peace and checks and balance.”