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Presidency denies claim on Aisha Buhari ‘abandoning’ Presidential Villa

The presidency denied claims that the absence of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari in the country for about two months, was due to internal struggles in the presidential village.

This is the result of speculation that the First Lady cannot deal with things inside the Villa lately.

Aisha’s spokesman, Suleiman Haruna, discredited the speculation and said that the First Lady has the freedom to travel wherever she wants.

Aisha has not returned to the country since the end of Hajj. It is said that she left Saudi Arabia, where she went in the company of President Buhari to London at the end of the religious pilgrimage in August and this has raised the concern of having deliberately left the country to protest against some problems.

Speaking to newsmen after the case of Aisha’s absence from the country was raised, her spokesperson, Suleiman Haruna, said, “It’s a free world and people have been speculating about everything in this country and it is allowed.

“She is a free Nigerian and does not work for the government. So, if she decides to stay somewhere in her village for two months or to go somewhere and stay for two months, why should it become a national issue?

“She is a free Nigerian and has absolute freedom to move round for however long she wants.

“I am in shock when I hear all these things. I don’t believe in all these rumours about the President’s wife because they are not true.

“That is why, most times, the office does not bother to react to these speculations.”