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Saraki to lose properties to FG

The Federal High Court, in Lagos, set February 6, 2020 to hear the request of the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki seeking to stop final confiscation of some properties.

Judge Muhammed Liman had set a hearing request on Thursday, October 21st, for any interested party to prove that the case was not definitively lost by the federal government after granting the EFCC motion for provisional confiscation of that property.

It is said that the properties located at McDonald Road 17 and 17A, Ikoyi, in the area of ​​the local Eti-Osa government of the state of Lagos belong to the former president of the Senate.

Judge Liman granted the ex parte motion for the provisional confiscation of the two properties and the sworn statement presented by Olamide Sadiq, who were defended by the EFCC lawyer, Nnaemeka Omewa.

Praying in court to lose the property in the meantime, Omewa had told the court that it was suspected that the properties had been acquired by Saraki through illicit funds.

After granting the ex parte motion, Judge Liman had also ordered the EFCC to publish the confiscation order of the two properties in a national newspaper within fourteen days in order for any interested party or interested party to demonstrate why the properties will not be lost. permanently. Federal Government of Nigeria It had postponed the matter until 7 November to denounce compliance.

On 7 November, the EFCC through Rotimi Oyedebo, the lawyer Rotimi Oyedepo, informed the court of compliance with the court order and urged the court to finalize the provisional order.

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However, Saraki’s lawyer told the court that they were in court in respect of the properties and urged the court to hear them.

But Oyedepo, in opposition to the appearance of Saraki’s lawyer, said that the purpose of that day’s proceedings was for the EFCC to inform the court of its compliance with the order.

Consequently, Justice Liman adjourned till Thursday, December 5, for hearing of all applications.

However, at the resumed hearing, Judge Liman was said to be in another jurisdiction of the court.

Consequently, EFCC lawyer Omewa, and a lawyer from Saraki’s legal team, Mr Deji O, met on the matter and agreed that the case be adjourned till February 6, 2020.